Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lisa's Darn Yarn


I met Lisa at Darn Yarn, Needles & Threads in Harmony, PA.  Her shop specializes in American made yarn and supplies for knitting, crocheting, spinning... needs. It is a friendly place where Lisa also offers classes, tips and knowledge of the craft and local community. 
I spent some time photographing Lisa and the shop and found I was distracted by all the great conversation. We easily moved from subject to subject covering family, gardening, uni/bicycles, and ideas for future projects. I felt I made a new friend.
Last time I visited, Lisa showed me a new aluminum spinning wheel that is a work of art in itself. It is so beautifully balanced and so lovely to look at. A new "spin" on an old design. 
 You can follow Lisa on facebook here for shop info and because it is just fun.

"Lisa's Darn Yarn" is number two of my "Buy Local, Paint Local" series.
Watercolor 14x14
It will be part of the AABC Invitational Art Exhibit at the Cranberry Township Municipal Building from July 9th - 18th and at the AABC Art Center from July 23 - August 2nd.


hmuxo said...

This is SO beautiful, Maria. So well painted. The design on her headdress alone is amazing... Beautiful skin tones..Congratulations!!!

Sadami said...

Hi, Maria, Your work always shows honesty and beauty. I admire it. Keep up wonderful work!
Cheers, Sadami

Darn Yarn Needles and Thread said...

Hi Maria! Wanted to let you know that a number of people have notified me of my portrait being on display, and they all say the same thing. Everyone says you captured me perfectly. Before seeing the title, they all know it's me and that my personality is evident in your work. I'm honored. Can't wait to see who else you add to this series!

Linda said...

Excellent portrait! I enjoyed seeing the steps and reading the story.