Friday, September 6, 2013

Route 65 from Bakersfield to Sequoia


A quick watercolor study of the landscape on the road from Bakersfield to see the big trees in Sequoia a few weeks ago. We took a short tour of Central California with the boys while visiting them for summer break. It was so dry and dusty, more that I remembered. And the light was so sharp and crisp.  I exaggerated the warmth/color of the grasses with the intent of balancing the deep shadows.  Too much? What do you think?

Back to art!

Sometimes I get busy with other stuff... Sometimes I just have nothing to say... Sometimes I need a break to redefine where I want to go with my art and blog.
So I am back today with a demonstration from one of my summer classes. This is a format that I would love to explore... possibly with my nighttime ideas. Stay tuned! Acrylic on 4 x 24 inch canvas board