Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Mutt!

I just love a mutt!
And also love my new Mac.
No more too bright colors...
or maybe it is fooling me on my screen...
watercolor, 8x10 inches

Back in Class


These are demonstrations I did for my classes this week.
I set up a few pumpkins under some directional lights 
and we talked about how to use contour drawings for our watercolors. 
Then we drew them 4 times and did some watercolor exercises.
The first was done as a value painting using one color. 
The second to the right was done with only two colors. (amazing what only two colors can do) 
The bottom left was done with what we thought were realistic colors. 
And the last on the bottom right was done using some exaggerated colors.

Also want to say that I am working on a new computer now...
so far it has been a time eater... but soon it will be a time saver...
There are many things that I will miss about my old PC.
But more things that I love about my new Mac.
Especially the image quality, color....