Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sally at the Cider Press

As I finished this painting last week, I was reminded of a nice day this past fall. 
I spent an afternoon at a local cider press to do some "painting" research. 
It was a busy day at the press. People that waited to have their apples pressed shared stories about gardens, seasons and families. 
For me it was a chance to slow down and appreciate these seasonal traditions.

This is a family run cider press and they all work together with a comfortable ease. 
At first I thought I would do a painting about the men that work there. 
But as I watched and photographed the workers, I saw that the real energy came from Sally. 
She went from job to job seamlessly and was welcoming to all. 
I am sure that is why the cider press has her name on it!

Sally at the Cider Press,  17x29 inches, Watercolor on 330 lb. watercolor paper

Update- May 9th 
This painting won the Evelyn Nicholas Portrait Award at the 71st Spring Show 
at the Associated Artists of Butler County
July 10th
Also won third place in the AABC Invitational in Cranberry Twp, PA


hmuxo said...

wow! An amazing watercolor, Maria! Congratulations on a wonderful piece..

Sue Marrazzo said...

What a fine work, Maria!
I like your post, too ( :

hmuxo said...

Beautiful !!

Jill Eudaly said...

wow, did it turn out fabulous! Last time I saw the painting you didn't have the sign painted in the background, it really ties the piece together.

Sadami said...

Hi, Maria, I love this work so mch!! It tells a story very well. Also, colours, composition and value are wonderful. Your blog always full of love for people and your students, Keep up wonderful work!!
Best wishes, Sadami