Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pastel Portrait Process with Steps/Stages

I will need to take a break from this for a day or two.
I need to come back with fresh eyes. Check the next post for the finished image.

So today I took two steps back to take a step forward.
Did some measurements and still adjusting. Again, it is getting there.

 This top image is the update from today. 
It is getting there. I continued polishing the face, 
adjusted the mouth and chin and also worked on the shirt.
Still some work to be done.
I will keep posting the updates here. 
I am to the point where the changes will be subtle but should get closer in likeness.
Thanks for following the progress.


I got carried away today. 
I usually do portraits in stages, stopping to get an ok from the people I paint for.
But today it just felt so good to paint... that I got pretty far and before I knew it... 
Well, here I am.
pastel on Wallis paper, cropped to 15x18 inches

And below are the first stages of this painting.


Sadami said...

Very nice! Sure, you're high and can catch the "angel."

Anonymous said...

Maria, this is beautiful! What a gorgeous lady and a wonderful portrait!

Marius Barbu said...

Imi place foarte mult portretul si pozele cu etapele in care a fost creat! Felicitari!