Friday, July 8, 2011

Workshop Demonstrations

I hosted a 3 day beginner watercolor workshop this week.
  I shared my steps to a finished painting (for good studio habits) and used a very limited palette (warm and cool of each of the primaries) to get the students used to mixing and having fun making "mud". 
These are pretty basic projects.
We started with the leaf project, working wet on wet to get used to playing with color, using salt and layering. 
The next project was the bird with simplified background. Wet on wet for the background and a soupy base for the bird with layers after each area dried.
Then the lighthouse, focusing on the stormy sky and softening shadows...
Each project gave the students some experience and confidence to move the the next subject.
 I tried to keep my demos quick and simple. 
The students all took their projects to the next level and went home with work to be proud of. 
These are the kind of workshops I love to teach. 


AutumnLeaves said...

Maria, these are beautiful!!

sam said...

Wow I really like the bird, I tried watercolour but they always turned out rubbish. I imagine they are more difficult than oils for your students to try?

Damião Vieira said...

Hello, Maria, these projects are proof of how much it will be nice to be part of your class.
All the best Maria.

Linda Young said...

Maria, your classes must have been fun to be able to create this type of work. Very nice.

Sadami said...

Dear Maria,
I really wish I could be in your class. (...but could be a very naughty student?! secretly keeps sketching a teacher...?!?)ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
Kind regards,Sadami