Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artist Inspired Portrait Ideas to Play With

I found another blogger who had been doing self portraits for a year. http://myrnawacknov.blogspot.com/   She has explored and posted so many ideas. I shared a few of them with my adult watercolor class as  example on how to expand the use of materials and just have fun and play. My demonstration stayed pretty close to the example, but my students went over the top with the process. All of them made the project their own and I have to say, I am happy and just a little jealous of what they did.
quarter sheet watercolor paper, tissue paper, watercolor and black marker
Here is the link to one of my students whose project I just love.
and another link to one of my pastel self portraits


AutumnLeaves said...

This is so unique, so fabulous!

wandamarie said...

Maria, your portrait is stunning. You've added some loose linework that really helps your image to pop, and i love the mosaic of squares that you've used throughout the piece. Your expression is wistful and lovely. I loved this technique, and I love your result, too.

Sadami said...

Dear Maria,
Fantastic! The demo is so good and also the good post on your love for the students:). You're a so lovely teacher.
Cheers, Sadami

wandamarie said...

Maria, I linked your blog to my most recent post which included my self portrait. Looking forward to our next class!

Damião Vieira said...

Congratulations Maria a final work very eclectic.
All the best.