Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the Shadow

This is alittle different for me. I usually don't do buildings...
but I still put my Baba in.
It was pretty challenging to do in pastels.
And I am really unhappy with how it photgraphed.
I will try again tomorrow.
This is for a show at Fein Art Gallery with the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League.
I still need to do one more.


sam said...

I love the scene Maria, I thinkit works well with the buildings behind her)

AutumnLeaves said...

So wonderful, Maria! I love that you added your Baba!

Art Trip said...

I love this as I don't do buildings or people well.

hmuxo said...

I think you should do buildings all the time! It's wonderful. Love the colors

Pat Koscienski said...

Buba fits right in there, Maria. What a great painting. My money is on a sale or an award, or both!