Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Which way to the beach?

One of my students is going south (lucky girl) and I did a class to inpire her. When you paint water, waves, beachy scenes, remember to paint the flat water as a reflection of the sky. The waves have form with a light side, dark side and reflections too. This is simplified but something that can be done section at a time.
And this was the following class... I am really getting her ready to go... I was inspired from an image I saw on the Daily Painters of Pennsylvania's site. You can see that I simplified the project for class. We had fun!
These demonstrations are on 7x10inch paper and were done in about half an hour.


DamiĆ£o Vieira said...

Very good Maria, reminds the beaches of my country, I have the privilege of living near the sea, where they visit, as it is beautiful and always different during the year.
In fact succeeded in that atmosphere between the sky and sea at the end of the day. And one detail in the sand, as an outline that sometimes surprises.

sam said...

I love the beach Maria, great colours in the sky)