Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Baaack!

Just got back from Breckenridge, Colorado and Iowa, Columbus and Cincinnatti... The Colorado trip was great and just beautiful. The colors seemed so much more vibrant at that altitude... Maybe it was just the lack of oxygen in my head... Anyway, frisbee golf in Frisco, Vail Pass biking, hiking, fly fishing... all so fun to do. I did a few paintings, plein air and have many photos to keep me busy painting in the future. The first image (9x12 inches) is coming down the road from the scenic outlook near Breckenridge and the second (7x10 inches) is the view coming up Four O'Clock road to our condo.
Getting my classes and studio set up for the coming school year. I will be back painting on the 8th of September. I can't wait!!