Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art for Shelter Animals Project

The Art for Shelter Animals project was something I wanted to do and I asked my studio class if they would like to participate. Well, it was YES they would! So I donated the time and materials to my students and had them do a watercolor, matted, of a shelter animal from the Butler County Humane Society. They did a great job! I am really proud of them! I will deliver the paintings and update the blog with what the shelter decides to do with the paintings. They have a fundraiser coming up so the timing couldn't be better. Go to Butler County Humane Society and Art for Shelter Animals to get more info. I painted the dog and cat above, 5x7 inches in an 8x10 mat.
UPDATE!!!!! The shelter was thrilled with the paintings. Thanks to all the great comments and it is good to know that we inspired many others to do the same in their areas. This project was contagious! The shelter chose to auction one of the paintings at the "Fur Ball" fundraiser this weekend and will hang the others in the shelter till November when they have their "Pawcasso" fund raiser. We will definately do this again next year!
ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!! The shelter ended up auctioning all but two of the paintings and they made $150 . The best part is that many of the paintings went to the staff and voluteers that had worked with some of the animals to get them adoptable. The were bought by other staff, directors... the gift that keeps giving....


Sheila said...

Well I guess I just answered my own email to you! So I will feature you as our breaking post tomorrow morning if that's okay.

You KNOW I was following your blog right? You KNOW that blogspot has been having trouble with their follow gizmo. I just rejoined your 'followship'.

Maria as the young ones might say, "You da Bomb!" Thank you!!!

Pat Burns said...

Great idea! You have a big heart to pull all this together. I linked to you from Sheila, who must have enormous energy to keep up with all of us DSFDF'ers! Our local Save-a-Pet would go for this idea for their yearly auction.

dimmickzoo said...

Hi Maria I am on of the Fur Ball chair women, We LOVED the painting the kids did!!! I couldn't choose one so I took a few!! Your "kids" are so talented!!! Keep up the great work...hope to see you at the Shelter some day!!

Cindy D