Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is my latest from the DSFDF challenge, sushi, done in watercolor.


Diane Morgan said...

Hi Maria, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I really like how you handle this subject. That's how I normally would have painted this assignment, but I had the photo of this little gal for years and this was the perfect opportunity to get her painted.

Dean H. said...

Very well done on the sushi, Maria! Great color and the soy sauce looks really fluid.

r garriott said...

Love the warm cast on all the colors. Tasty!

Edward Burton said...

Really nice job, Maria. Great handling of the soy sauce - looks very fluid as Dean said.

Carole Baker said...

I like you sushi. Very well done. I'm enjoying perusing your blog. Thanks for your comment on my sushi.

Damião Vieira said...

Hello all and Mary,
Good work on watercolor there is an increasing quality in work, a technique that I find to be the most difficult in the painting, watercolor.
Good transparency in particular in the sauce. In the mail I sent said not a curiosity, in my country "Portugal" the most popular female name is Mary.
My wife Maria is, in my extensive family, aunts, cousins and nephews will be around 20 named Maria.
Sorry this small observation. Congratulations on the excellent work.
Damião Vieira

Damião Vieira said...

I mean Maria, not Mary.
Wrong in the translation of Google.

maria said...

thank you for all the nice comments. Again, I can't wait to do the next dsfdf project. I would never think to tackle these subjects on my own.