Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where's the Grapes?

I went out a few weekends ago to photograph some grapes as reference for my adult watercolor class. Drove to many places and found they were harvested or none on the vine. So I went to Costco, bought some grapes, cut some vines and took them home. I used twist ties and the backs of chairs to set up the grapes and vines against a strong evening sun and photographed.

This is the demonstration painting that I did for the class. We focused on the warm light coming from behind and the cool light reflected from the sky above. Using my artistic license I took out the twist ties and darkened the background to keep the focus on the warm glow.


Arti said...

They look lovely against the dark backdrop.Worth all the effort :)

DamiĆ£o Vieira said...

Great job Maria with a stunning contrast of light.
A theme that has to do much with this time of year, the height of the harvest.
All the best!!!!!!