Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watercolor Poinssettia

We usually paint a poinsettia in December during the adult watercolor class.
This year we are doing two small paintings. The students will cut and glue them to see what kind of abstract patterns they can come up with.  They did some wonderful work and I feel a little bad that we will be cutting them up, but I also know that the end result will be full of another kind of fun discovery.
My demo is 6 x 8 inches 


Diana Evans said...

this is gorgeous!!!! wow!!! wonderful work!!!

wandamarie said...

Well, I was a little happier with my poinsettia this year. While I will be cutting it up for the project we'll be doing, I at least have a digital photo of it! I'll put it on my blog. Thanks for the lovely red poinsettia you gave me today, Maria. It's my first "Christmas" decoration of the season!