Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My "how to' watercolor portrait

I had some nice interest on my brief description of my pastel portrait process and thought I would post something on my watercolor process.
I like to get color down quick and don't like to go over the areas with many washes. I find the more washes and layers you use the less glow a painting has. 
I start with large areas, saving the whites, and feeling my way around the form. I build up color and work the detail in bit by bit. 
I add the background at different stages for each painting. Usually when I feel I have enough of the face value established to know how dark/intense... to make it.
I usually have a color scheme/temperature... in mind when I start, but don't fret if I change mid painting. Thumbnails/planning is good and something I do as a habit. But once in a while a painting reveals a new direction that I didn't think of. So I usually will go for it. After all, it is only paper...


AutumnLeaves said...

You are so right about too many washes and losing the glow. I think that happens to me so much of the time.

Jill Eudaly said...

I'm about to start my "spilling over" theme for the sketch book challenge. I know what I want to do..think it's a bit over my head. your tips are helping with a starting point.
My daughter Chloe won 1st place in mixed media at The Green Show. She made the large trash map of the world. Iknew my stuff need framed or something, it looks lost. now I know what i need to do.

DamiĆ£o Vieira said...

Hello Maria okay.
No offense but I like the fact that much of his watercolors, with their large and free brush strokes and then go to its detail.

Jane said...

Great portrait, lot of expression and glow, beautiful blog.