Monday, November 15, 2010

Workshop Day Two

I can't say enough about how much I got out of the workshop.
 Anatomy is so important.
So is observation, angles, planes...
And a good pair of bifocals. 
(Will be making appointment this week.)
Also having your materials organized and prepared.
I dropped my pastels, that were in pizza boxes, in foam sections, 
(which work really well in my studio, not for travel), 
and they got mixed up.
(Will be looking into a new storage system.)
This is my pastel on 18x24 wallis paper from day two 
of the Judy Carducci workshop. 
I needed to stop fifteen minutes before to leave 
the hands and bottom looser, or need fifteen minutes more 
work time to tighten it up some.
Another thing to learn.


WatercolorsbyKarsten said...

Stunning soft and beautiful!

hmuxo said...

Beautiful pastel portrait Maria.!