Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chocolate covered cherry

I had the best classes this week. We used valentines day candy as our inspiration and last night one of my students brought the best truffles in the world (from Betsy Ann Chocolates!) to paint. They all did such a wonderful job and then they got to eat them. I did not paint one, but wish I had. I had this chocolate covered cherry, 6x6, as a demo instead.
Oh and I was tagged this week by conniep . This is a fun thing to do to be able to share and see other bloggers. I am supposed to list 7 unique things about myself.
1. I have a studio, Room 101, where I teach and paint in Mars, PA.
2. I met my husband racing sail boats and he is my best friend.
3. Pizza is still my favorite food.
4. Next to chocolate.
5. And all kinds of homemade soup. (yes, I enjoy cooking!)
6. I am very proud of my teenage boys.
7. I have a buddy (dog, mutt) named Buddy.
Not so unique, but hey, it's me and I kinda like where I am right now.
Instead of tagging others I will just list some blogs that I enjoy.


Beth said...

Hey Maria, thanks so much for your comment, and the tag...and the listing. It is very flattering!! Yes, the critiques at the end of class that I was initially terrified of became my favorite part. Such a warm supportive atmosphere. Thanks again, and I will play!! Nice to hear from you!!

Peggi Habets said...

Yum! I would have trouble not eating the candy before the painting was finished. Great idea for a class.

Thanks for the mention. Very kind of you. BTW, are you at all interested in a weekend drawing workshop with Bill Vrscak at Touchstone in Oct? If so, e-mail me for details.